Version 4.5.2

**Note: Use auto update feature from dashboard. If not visible or fails to update, then do fresh installation of new released script.** **UPDATE:** Overall UI & UX improvement. **UPDATE:** Separate Yahoo and AOL MX server for scanner **UPDATE:** Adding Additional Field Support For CSV : (Name, Address, Email) with improved column mapping. **UPDATE:** New design email template on scan complete with detail report of validated list. **UPDATE:** Email Campaign - Multi smtp server system support with new UX . **UPDATE:** Logs - Improved logging system with System log, Scan log, SMTP log. **UPDATE:** SMTP support on email configurations. **UPDATE:** Multi Scan support [SaaS] **UPDATE:** Internal system optimizations. **UPDATE:** Improved auto schedule tasker. **ADDED:** Blacklist monitoring tool - more info: **ADDED:** Admin notification email when a customer register [SaaS] **ADDED:** Inbox Checker [Scan Feature] - Validate emails with 99.9% accuracy to identify mailbox existance, more info: **ADDED:** Multilingual Support.