Version 3.8.1
Version 3.7.1

Added: Blacklist Checker on system IP
Added: MX Server Filter System - skipping a mx server and recording invalid server with issue status
Update: Scan system improvement for automatically assiging existing blocked IP on target server to a filter system. Which will greatly reduce IP reputation issues by not hitting same server always until it fixed by admin.

Version 3.6.1

Added: Graylisting verification support
Update: Optimizing Database Layout

Version 3.5.1

Update: Removing PHP 5.6 support as it is getting obsolete.
Fixed: Optimizing scan reducing blacklist risk on system IP for public domains

Version 3.1.4

Fixed: Subfolder installation missing style resources.
Fixed: Removed inactive port checking server.

Version 3.1.3

Fixed: Free email account which are supported and will be added in future will label as "Free Accounts"

Version 3.1.2

Update: Few server system were returning license warnings

Version 3.1.1

Added: Inline feedback & suggestions [admin view only]
Added: Auto Updater when there's an update available
Added: SMTP SSL verification control in Send Mail config to bypass open ssl server and misconfigured server
Update: SMTP config now available to all users as individual settings
Fixed: Few server system were returning license warnings
Fixed: Replace system log to ipn log. [all logs get stored in log folder when enabled for debugging]
Fixed: Session issue with new valid installation still showed license warning after login

Version 3.1.0

Update: Paypal ipn debugger
Update: SMTP connection debugger
Update: Code optimizations
Fixed: Addons deactivation

Version 3.0.3

Update: Assign Tag button will show after starting verifying a list from list page
Added: Debug loging system

Version 3.0.2

Fixed: Version check system and status notifcations.

Version 3.0.1

Fixed: Bulk scanning all email addresses results as unknown response issue

Version 3.0
Version 2.9.2

Fixed: Downloading scanned csv file

Version 2.9.1

Fixed: Country based public hotmail scan issues & aol mail scan fix
Update: Updater notification
Update: Improved data structure for upcoming send mail feature
Update: Improved message alert with error details.

Version 2.9

Fixed: Syntax error validation improvement.

Version 2.8

Added: Outlook365 Business Address Validation Support
Fixed: Few more code fixes.

Version 2.7

Added: New Manual Top-up Credit Feature [evp credit store addon]
Added: Yahoo/Aol/Rocketmail 100% accuracy scan
Added: All Outlook/Microsoft 100% accuracy scan
Added: On Script Support Menu - Beta
Update: sweetalert to sweetalert2
Update: Several improvements with scan result labels & new mx record column
Fixed: Payment addon activation bug
Fixed: Menu Icons with proper one

Version 2.6

Fixed: License new system validation fix
Fixed: Few more fixes

Version 2.3

Fixed: Tiny fix with gmail addresses validation

Version 2.2

Fixed: scan script run issue on php 7.x

Version 2.1

Update: script path updates
Fixed: google mail scan error
Added: Paypal standard addon [Extended License]

Version 2.0

Update: Improved scan system
Update: My List - Bulk scan page improvement
Added: Billing options [Extened License]
Added: Addons system
Added: Wallet & virtual credits system [Extened License]
Added: Product creation page, order history and credit top up

Version 1.7

Fixed: Bug Fix
Update: General layout updates
Update: User management removed [From Single Use/Regular License]
Update: User registeration removed [From Single Use/Regular License]

Version 1.6.1

Added: Customize SMTP Port

Version 1.6

Fixed: license key activation
Fixed: license key activation
Fixed: installation error field value not found
Fixed: user ip visibility issue
Fixed: user list navigation
Fixed: login issue in IE
Update: documentation - troubleshooting

Version 1.5

Design improvement
Added: Background mail verification process
Added: Quick Validator

Version 1.4

Added: Multi user system
Added: Segment based result export
Added: User management
Added: Dashboard Report

Version 1.3

Added: Additional Settings
Added: User Profile