Server Migration & Maintenance

As of August 4th, We had a sudden server failure on remote location where we needed to quickly move our system to more safe proof location in our own server system, outside of third party. Backup restoration we had from 1st August 2022. Incase you missing your account or any purchased order information, do not worry. We have everything on mail system recorded. Our mail system still might not be working for communications, it will soon. But you can create same account using same old email address on and create a ticket of any missing purchase here . We will cross check identity with purchase information and will apply your purchase data manually. In case of any missing ticket, you can simply create a new one. But we had no pending tickets to reply and all tickets were replied before this disaster, as for rollback some tickets may still show as unaswared and we will reply with same content again, so you might end up receiving duplicate response. Just to make sure we are still here and ready to help you out. Thank you.